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September 19 – 21, 2014

Potawatomi Inn Resort & Conference Center

On Beautiful Lake James, Angola, IN

Presented by BizTV Shows & Girlfriend on a Mission

Reinvention UNCENSORED is an EXPERIENCE you won’t want to miss!

Are you ready to experience a weekend of inspiration and fun?

Imagine This: A weekend that has time set aside for:

Reinvention UncensoredConnecting – picture networking during a reception, making new friends on a hike or other activity, or simply chatting with new or old friends on the veranda

Reinvention UncensoredPersonal Growth – it’s just plain personal, isn’t it? It could come as a random “ah ha” moment, a speaker’s inspirational story that touches your core, when relaxing and just being “a girlfriend”, or even stepping out of your comfort zone while doing an activity like kayaking or horse back riding

Reinvention UncensoredPampering – WOW – how often do you start two days in a row with yoga or NIA or both? How often do you have choices about what you want to do in your free time? Heck, how often do you have free time?!

You’ll leave on Sunday feeling refreshed and renewed from the clarity that comes from stepping away from reality for a weekend. Not to mention, you’ll develop new friendships, connect with like-minded amazing women and build alliances that will help you get where you want to go both personally and professionally.

We Learn From The Narrative of Other Women

Reinvention UNCENSORED is an opportunity for women to ask themselves questions like – “does my business/work line up with who I am?” or “do my goals have soul?” or “am I living in alignment with who I want to BE?”
Our TEDx style “speakeasy” presenters will provide a framework for you to think about your own life in terms of alignment. Where are you aligned and where could you tweak something to be more aligned and in the flow. Our inspirational speakers include:

linda-l-schlachter at 100Linda Schlachter, LPC. The power of choice and what happens when you choose love.
Linda will discuss the most powerful relationship you can have, in business or life. Linda suspected her husband was seeing someone else. She was right, and her marriage ended. What’s extraordinary about Linda’s story is the choice she made about who she wanted to BE during a time when life was calling for change. Linda chose to be loving, giving, and forgiving. During our Reinvention UNCENSORED weekend, Linda shares more on the power of choice and staying in alignment with who you want to BE.

Mo Tressler at 100Mo Tressler, Owner, All Things Food. Reclaim Your Health Naturally.
Mo became seriously ill in 2006. Her doctors created a plan that included surgery and medications to address her condition. Mo chose a different course and began her journey to vibrant health with a simple approach – reduce the toxins and increase the nutrients in her food. That decision not only led Mo to enjoy feeling good again, it led her to create a thriving business where she has become a hub for All Things Food. Not only will Mo be sourcing the food for our Reinvention UNCENSORED weekend, she will share part of her personal journey and the choices she made to reclaim her health.

Beth CollinsBeth Collins, Girlfriend on a Mission and Reinvention UNCENSORED co-creator. Trusting the Voice Inside
In 2004, Beth was a passionate non-profit director in Toledo. Although she loved her work, the little voice inside her was saying – it’s time to move on. She didn’t trust it and stayed in a career she had outgrown until the day she was on her way to a speaking engagement and was hit by a tractor-trailer going 75 mph. Today Beth says that truck was the spiritual push she needed to move ahead in her life. At Reinvention UNCENSORED Beth will share her story of learning to answer when life calls for change, and trusting the voice that guides us through it.

Pat AltvaterPat Altvater, BizTV Shows and Reinvention UNCENSORED co-creator. Taking Care of Self is Taking Care of Business.
Pat thought she had witnessed the power of choice and alignment powerfully in her own life and in the lives of others around her, when she wrote her book, released in August 2008, Choose Success: Ignite the Power Within. But later that same year the universe threw her a curve-ball; she experienced a financial collapse and didn’t immediately walk her talk. Pat will share her story of reclaiming her power and re-aligning with her beliefs to choose success.

Download our Reinvention Uncensored agenda.

Taking care of yourself helps to take care of others

Reinvention UncensoredBittersweet Farms will be supported by our weekend. The mission of Bittersweet, Inc. is to positively impact the lives of individuals with autism and those whose lives they touch. We are purchasing custom made swag bags and journals for each participant from Bittersweet Farms – you are going to treasure these items! We are also asking everyone to bring either a box of crayons, colored pencils or markers that will be donated to Bittersweet’s Creative Arts Program.

We are developing ideas for an October event to dedicate 100% of our focus to raising funds for our other charities: Girlfriends United for Eduardo, Shared Lives and Sunshine Homes.



Registration fee for Reinvention UNCENSORED is $395*! If you register with a friend, it’s just $350 each. Email Pat Altvater to receive this “register with a friend” discount.
We’ve made it easy for you to fit this into your budget by offering a payment plan option of 2 easy payments of $200/mo. Just register below and then email Pat Altvater to set up the payment plan.
The price includes:

• Meals for the entire weekend beginning with a Friday night outdoor “farm-to-table” dinner and ending with Sunday breakfast.
• All the breathing space you need around Lake James and Snow Lake, including hiking trails at Pokagan State Park.
• Group activities including a Friday night hayride, yoga and NIA classes, a nature walk, four (4) gatherings with special TEDx style storytellers, and Saturday night dance party.

There is a small fee for some of the outdoor adventures like biking, boating, and horseback riding.

*Participants are responsible for their own accommodations.

Register NOW! Deadline is September 4, 2014

Reinvention Uncensored

Registration is a two-part process. First complete the form below and once you hit submit, you’ll be returned to a page where you can pay.

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Can’t make the whole weekend? Join us for Friday night. You’ll get to partake of the Farm to Table meal as well as the other Friday night activities. It’s just $30.


Accommodations – Hurry, Reserve Your Room Today!

Reinvention Uncensored

A block of double rooms are being held for a very short time for Reinvention UNCENSORED at the Potowatomi Inn in Angola, Indiana. If you would like to stay onsite for this event book your reservation right away as we expect these rooms to fill quickly.

Here’s the link to explore the Inn:  Potowatomi Inn Reservations To make your reservations call 260-833-1077. Potowatomi Inn room rates range from $86.99 – $112.99 per night. Room-sharing is encouraged so book with a girlfriend and save!



Reinvention UNCENSORED is the creation of Beth Collins and Pat Altvater. It is a weekend event for women who long for freedom, fun and the adventure of shared experiences while connecting to other women for meaningful dialogue, creative brainstorming, and inspired fun.

Connect with Beth Collins at Girlfriend on a Mission or 419-356-5544
Connect with Pat Altvater at Pat Altvater or 419-344-6613

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