Do you “trust the process?”

This phrase is frequently found in writings about transformation and change.

But just what does it mean?

Experts define it as the ability to trust that your life is moving towards what you want despite outward appearances to the contrary.

That’s a hard concept for me to practice.  I don’t know about you but as a perfectionist, I’ve spent much more of my life attempting to control outcomes rather than trusting that everything is unfolding perfectly.  I’ve been re-active.

Can you relate to what I’m saying?  It always happens during that period when you are not feeling at the top of your game, when your world seems upside down, when something unexpected happens that you label as “bad,” when you feel defeated or when you believe you might be on the wrong path.

However, I noticed that I get my power back and begin to feel much more relaxed about the future when I release the emotion and fear related to the existing circumstance.  How do I do that?  I decide to truly believe that I am a co-creator of my life.
And guess what?  There is a process to being a co-creator.

Step 1: You take control of the one thing that is yours to control  – your desires!  Yes, you are in control of deciding what you want that is different from what you are experiencing.  Get very clear about what you desire, the outcome you want to experience and how you feel about that.

Step 2: Allow the Universe to be in charge of the “how” – the way that your desire will manifest.  Don’t attempt to figure it out yourself, don’t push against the current, don’t resist your existing circumstance, just relax.

Step 3: Take action when you are inspired to do so – go to a certain meeting, call a contact from your past, etc.  When an idea comes to you, act on it as soon as possible.  If you are too busy trying to figure out what to do or resisting what is, you won’t be able to hear the inspiration that is your true guide.

Once I looked at this as a process, I found that I could be grateful for the moment I was experiencing and “trust the process” to bring me through it.  Usually with a “how” that I had never even imagined.

The key is to be mindful and notice when you are resisting or feeling less than excited about your current circumstance.  That’s the time to “trust the process” and focus on Step numbers one and three, with a grateful heart.  And remember, that these challenging experiences are often our greatest periods of growth, learning and expansion.

Trade in control for trust…that’s hard, but if I can do it, so can you!

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