Do what makes your heart sing!

Patti Perfect says: Perfectionists are really hard on themselves!

That’s an understatement, right?  Typically, we punish ourselves for our less than perfectness in a variety of ways, depending on what it is that we’ve done that we judged less than perfect.  Maybe we just keep ourselves from experiencing joy by not letting fun and play into our lives, or maybe we go further and hold ourselves back from experiencing the success that is waiting for us by not taking appropriate actions.   One woman wouldn’t allow herself to dance at her class reunion because she felt her body wasn’t perfect – she wanted to lose 10 pounds!  Unfortunately for many of us, this self punishment has become such a pattern in our lives that we don’t even know what brings us joy or nurtures our spirit.

Patti Perfect says: Time to find out what makes your heart sing and start allowing yourself to do those things.  You don’t have to punish yourself for anything!  Every experience you’ve had, every activity that you’ve done, every failure that you’ve experienced has brought you to this place right now.  How perfect is that?

If you are ready to start nurturing your spirit and experiencing more joy in your life, use the worksheet “What Makes Your Heart Sing?” to discover what brings you joy.  Then make a plan to make those things more a part of your life.  Click on the image below to download your worksheet.

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

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