Create a healthy holiday – might be a bit imperfect though!

Many perfectionists believe that the holidays are the most stressful time of year.  Pretty easy to understand why – we must decorate the house perfectly, we must purchase the perfect gifts, we must create the perfect meals…and on it goes.  That’s a lot of pressure!

But it’s self-induced pressure.  Instead we can make this a peace and joy filled holiday by:

1.   Staying in the moment – just think about what’s happening now.  Don’t worry about what’s not done, if your Mother, daughter, or husband will like the gift you purchased, or if the house looks perfectly decorated.  When you feel yourself going into overwhelm, bring yourself back to the moment.  An easy way to do that is to focus on your breath.  Just a few deep breaths and you’ll be back on track.

2.   Being grateful – start by noticing all the little things that make the holidays special.  Sometimes we have trouble enjoying the people in our life when they don’t act like we want them to, so this is a great time to remember what we love about them and be grateful for their presence in our life.  Find 3 – 5 things to be grateful for every day this month.

3.   Incorporating nurturing activities.  As perfectionists we sometimes don’t allow ourselves to relax…we must keep pushing.  Or at the opposite end of the spectrum, we might procrastinate doing projects, but we still don’t nurture ourselves because we think we don’t deserve it.  This month, make time for yourself.  Find a way to take 15 minutes for yourself every day.  I am going to spend mine reading an inspirational book.  What can you do that will uplift your spirit?

Patti Perfect healthy holiday


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Wishing you a productive and peaceful holiday season!

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